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Doormats & Stops

great for stopping draughts or keeping doors open, our home comforting stops and draught excluders are home warming and fun

<a href=''>Cat Print Doorstop 21 cm</a>

Cat Print Doorstop 21 cm


Out of stock

<a href=''>Coir Doormat, Cat Design</a>

Coir Doormat, Cat Design


Out of stock

<a href=''>Coir Pet Design Doormat, Cats</a>

Coir Pet Design Doormat, Cats


Out of stock

<a href=''>Fluffy Cat Door Stop</a>

Fluffy Cat Door Stop


Out of stock

<a href=''>Wipe Your Feet Coir Doormat 60cm</a>

Wipe Your Feet Coir Doormat 60cm


Out of stock

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